The goal of Breakin Khainz is to help at-risk youths and survivors of abuse and trauma in our underserved communities pick up the pieces for a better life. We know that living in oppression fosters an environment where abuse can flourish, and the issue doesn't begin with human trafficking but rather with many of the underlying problems such as lack of care after prior exposure to abuse, self-stability, homelessness, lack of resources, educational advancements, support networks, and appropriate job training and career opportunities, as well as unhealthy environments, habits, and relationships that may potentially result in such devastating circumstances. We are here to support the development of our communities, young adults, at-risk youth, and survivors in order to more effectively combat these terrible injustices.

"Never give up on yourself; you have the ability to pick yourself up and move on to a better life."


Survivors, Young Adults, and Youth Support Groups:

These private groups promote personal development and the development of close bonds between survivors, young people, and young adults.

Community Support Services and Resources

Emergency services like temporary housing, utilities, clothing, and other necessities are covered by this program. In addition, we provide referral services for mental and medical health.

Program for Individual Growth and Development

a specially designed educational setting where students can learn about self-care, emotional intelligence triggers, healthy boundary setting, and other topics. Classes, private sessions, and workshops for personal development putting an emphasis on empowerment, education, and the restoration of self-confidence.

Identification of Career Paths and Professional Development

This program focuses on the creation of career paths, where we emphasize each client's skills and strengths and get them ready for job and career placements. potential internship possibilities.

Financial literacy and skill development -

are the main focuses of this program, which also addresses financial responsibility, spending, saving, and investing. developing a more healthy perspective on and relationship with money. courses in a group setting, workshops, and classroom instruction.

Programs for male and female mentors -

of youth and young adults. walking with you on your journey, encouraging your improvement. a guide with school, work, family, and more. Our mentors are more like leaders who develop other leaders in their fields. We have a mentor who will help you grow, whether your field is acting, modeling, nursing, military, sports, script writing, or the culinary, musical, public speaking, entrepreneurship, or artistic industries.

Community Outreach:

The chance to volunteer with our organization in our underserved neighborhood to promote knowledge of the services and resources available, as well as community safety measures and charitable activities. food, clothing, etc.

Breakin Khainz Nonprofit Organization Houston Texas Ein 92-0811099- Operates as a Tax Exempt  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization