What does the bridge to betterment look like for many?

Published on 15 January 2023 at 00:21

What does the bridge to betterment look like for many? This is a question of interest when we really ponder on the answer to this question.  Below are two representations of bridges to betterment and right off we can spot that these bridges are not equal in statures nor structure or foundations they are built on. When we think about this, we can first state that there are many factors that come to play in the very foundations, structures and statures of both bridges.  Environments plays a major role in the development of both bridges, the availability of resources for maintenance and further developments. As we can see this representation is what a very large number of our survivor, young adults, and youth face today. What does the bridge to betterment look like for those who lack essential needs, who are experiencing homelessness and or lack educational advancement, professional development or even for those who can't afford the proper medical or mental care services after abuse and trauma. What is the road to growth and success look like for those who are coming out of dark places without a proper support system and solid structure of services?


Well let's first discuss what it would look like for one who has a strong support system and a solid foundation and access to services and resources.  When we first understand it is neither a fault here when it comes to lack of resources on one end and an abundance of resources on the other, it is just how life is at times. 

Bad things don't discriminate on whom they fall apon so it is very well to say bad things can happen to anyone at any moment and when we can agree we can move on. When they fall on those of us who have a strong support system and access to resources and direct services and family and or community aid. It will be safe to assume their bridge to betterment will be more in the structural line of the London Bridge, Powerful strong, mighty, loving caring with a guide along their healing journey. While this is great and the dream, we would want for all its sad to say that is not so. For most the bridge to betterment is a no name broken down structure . Now we can't argue that there is at least a structure in place an even tho it doesn't look promising or welcoming, loving or caring or even strong enough to hold all the weight many of us carry . This a major delay in many of our survivors, young adults, and youths lives today. What of those who has no solid structure or foundation to began with what do they return to and how do they build without the proper support ,resource. This is the importance's of giving to aid in another's betterment to many this act isn't something significant until they know. well allow me to tell you even tho it may take time  for bridge a to be built up like bridge b . As long as we do our part in building in for the betterment of others in our communities. 


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