Step Up for Betterment

Published on 3 July 2023 at 18:09

Step Up for Betterment

Breakin Khainz, a pioneering nonprofit organization, is thrilled to unveil a ground-breaking shoe drive fundraiser. Designed to not only raise funds but also redefine the very meaning of giving, this initiative is a lifeline for survivors of abuse and trauma and at-risk youths in underserved communities.
This isn't your typical fundraiser. By donating gently worn, used, or new shoes, you're not just contributing to a cause, but actively partaking in a transformative journey. Every pair of shoes donated symbolizes a step towards a better future.
Funds2Orgs will convert these steps into funds based on the total weight of the shoes. These funds, however, are just the beginning of the impact. The shoes find a new home with micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, offering an opportunity to establish and grow small businesses through Funds2Orgs' expansive network.
The ripple effect of your donation stretches beyond borders, transforming lives and communities. The proceeds from selling your donated shoes enable these entrepreneurs to feed, clothe, and house their families, catalyzing economic growth and alleviating poverty.
Breakin Khainz is not just raising funds; it's igniting change, fostering resilience, and empowering individuals locally and internationally. By participating in this shoe drive, you're joining a movement that stretches from your local community to underserved areas around the globe.
Join Breakin Khainz in this remarkable journey of transformation and hope. Your old shoes could be the stepping-stone towards someone's brighter future
Starting July 15th through Sep 15
Be looking for Popout events, Drive Drop off Events, and more, lets make a difference.

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